• Dharma

3 Ways to End Pain and Suffering

The quickest way to end any problems is, of course, just run away from it and that is what Heaven accomplishes - just run away from life's problems and hide. Give no thought to your loved ones still down here or for that matter anyone else. Did you used spend time helping at a homeless shelter? Now, it's someone else's problem. Did you used to work for a cure for cancer? Not your problem anymore. Is your country at war? Did you die fighting the enemy? Now, no longer your concern!

Heaven appeals to the coward, the weak and religions exploit it by making cheap promises of magic lands in the sky where the living will be easy, provided we join their religion of course! And yet even the brightest among us fail to see this ponzi-scheme for what it is

The 2nd quickest way to end pain and suffering is never to have any desires, that way we will never know the pain of failure. Never try anything, never fail at anything, never have to feel any pain. Such ideas appeal again to the weak, the old at heart, such ideas are not for the Strong, the young, the Dreamer

The best way to end pain and suffering is to face it squarely - problems need to be faced and fought. We will get knocked down plenty of times, but the Strong, the Warrior does not give up. God needs you down here, the Strong and the Warrior belong here down on earth