• Dharma

Are you the Savior or the Saved?

What are you? the Damsel in distress or the Knight in Shining Armor? The Coward safely tucked under the bed or the Warrior in the middle of battle?

Way too many shootings, right? Way too many school shootings taking innocent lives. On February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida, at M.S. Douglas High School, a macabre shooting happened, innocents were killed. Most ran away but a few risked their lives to save the children. Football coach Aaron Feis died trying to save innocent lives. Anthony Borges, just a kid, helped hide other students and suffered 5 gun shots!

It is not wrong to run away when lives are threatened, but it takes a special human being to put his or her life on the line for others. To make God Proud is not easy, let's say that again - to make God Proud will not be easy. Have you ever heard any religious leader use such words? No, they are too busy helping you run away to Heaven

Life teaches us that nothing good comes easy. What does that tell you about Heaven? All you have to do is join a religion and pray to a particular God and you will be rewarded? Like a Dictator rewarding his loyal supporters? Is God no better?

The Pain is Here, Suffering is Here - this is where you are needed. God needs you down here