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Careful What You Wish For, It Will Come True

First, I want to make it clear that Hindu Ideas were not intended just for Hindus. The correct name for Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma, loosely translated to Eternal Truth. What kind of a name is that for a religion? Exactly. This faith started with some enlightened sages imparting knowledge to those around them in ancient India. Their ideas were for everyone

The cartoon tells us that if all we wish for is the easy lazy life of doing nothing, having zero worries or responsibilities, then certainly our wishes will come true but obviously not the way we intended them to turn out. Everyone has heard of Hindus talking about coming back as animals or bugs - well, this concept has been much misunderstood. It was seen as a punishment for bad doings in a previous life - that is the wrong view.

Thru Life God has taught us that all life gets to live in relative comfort in the nest for only a short period of our lives, we all have to grow up and face the world on our own, stand on our own two feet & make a living. To wish for a lazy life, a life spent in useless existence of eternal dependency, eternal childhood is wrong and goes against God's laws

What you see are such wishes coming true. As a pet, cat, dog, pig, you name it, such people will be well-take care of, nothing to do, eat, poop and sleep, zero worries & responsibilities! That cat is in Heaven!