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What Does One DO in Heaven?

What is incredible is that such a question has never been asked! NEVER! EVER! In all the annals of human history such a question has never been posed to a theist leader spouting about the afterlife! Not one person has ever asked - "ok, we get there, it's all wonderful, peaches and cream. But what do we do on a daily basis? Is there any work to do? What work would the being that created this huge universe might have for us puny humans? With one thought She can create trillions of robots that can work night and day! How are we of any use? So then, do we just sit or float around staring at each other? Or will we snore away eternity? Is this the Grand Plan of God?"

If you were told that in a few days you will be shipped off to another country, as an adult, would not your first thought be, "How will I be able to support myself? What kind of jobs will be available for my skill-set?" - Aren't these the thoughts that go thru your mind? They MUST, right? And yet, when it comes to Heaven it seems everyone simply expects God to nicely cater to their comforts? Think of it - even your own mother will not let you do that! Even your own parents will tell you to go out and get a job! And we are supposed to believe that this being will nicely nursemaid you for eternity? Ah, the brainwashing power of religion! Even the best of us are not immune it seems